Cap Sealing Products (CSP)

CAP SEALING PRODUCTS, S.L. is a company that supplies all necessary for induction sealing system. CSP is able to supply machinery and suppliers in order to seal contaniers from industries as: food, farmacy, cosmetical, agriculture, quimics.

The company has the tecnology, the expirience and know-how to offer the best solution for any packaging company.

CSP offers an complete service to obtain the best sealing for all products: closeing system analysis, material and mesurements proposal for the best induction sealed. Company has a wide range of solutions for each customer needs.

Besides, CSP has the tecnology for the best induction seal. Company has the best inductiuon sealing machines catalog to cover all needs of productions or packaging. CSP has little handly induction sealing machines to big automatic induction sealing to be set in production line.