Induction liners

Induction liners are the essencial supplies for induction sealing. CSP offers a wide range of liners: printed, easy to open, clean peel, with or without tabs..

Induction sealing liners are made of a aluminium layer and a thin layer of polímer compatible with contanier material.

Induction sealing process to seal this liners is very simple. Cap must to be made of plastic nad has to be suplied with the liner in. Once the container is closed with the cap you can seal. Induction Sealing machine makes a low level electromagnetic wave over aluminium layer which, at the same time, it melts the thin layer of polímer under the top of the container and the result is an induction sealed container.

This liners come from an induction sealing material made of different layers which have been designed to provide strong sealings for a wide range of containers and industries. This sealing material can even have a personalized message or logo printed on it and can be delivered in caps or reels, depending on customer’s needs.

The liners or discs are available in a wide range of applications: in a variety of materials, in different sizes and with various tab types and sizes.

  • Clean Peel Sealing
  • Induction Liner
  • Induction operculum
  • Induction Liner for Inducction Sealing System
  • Induction cover for induction sealing.
  • Induction Caps CSP
  • CSP Induction Disks