Induction sealing system

Induction sealing is the savest and cleanest system to close a container made of any material or cames from any industry. It's able to avoid leaks and allow to guarantee of immunity to consumer.

Containers Induction sealing system is a clean and no-contact system which a aluminium liner is stuck to the top of the container.

Induction sealing system was developed 35 years ago to prevent leaks in plastic containers of quimical products. Nowadays it's the only process to close any kind of container from any industry product.

In order to seal a container by induction sealing system is needed, first of all, a plastic cap- NOT metal cap. Induction liner has already to be well set in the cap. Once the container is closed with the cap, you can use the induction sealing machine. Electromagentic camp from the machine cap penetrets the cap and heats induction liner aluminium sheet and, furthermore. it melts away the polímer sheet from de liner. After a few seconds, you can see the contanier is absolutely sealed.

All ans all, this kind of closing avoids leaks of the product in transport and offers security because allow to keep the product closed and makes the product life longer. In general, will strenght the trust on the product.