A wider offer to seal PET containers

We offer more induction sealing products for PET containers. Discover the Lift ‘n’ Peel system.

Cap Sealing Products, S.L. -CSP- has expanded its induction sealing product range for PET containers. Thanks to this variety of products for PET packaging sealing, we can satisfy the most demanding customers.

The basic varieties of materials for PET, in one piece, are distinguished by their thickness. We have materials of different thicknesses: 151 microns, 159 microns, 177 microns and also 277 microns and even 317 microns. Apart from these basic formats, we also have special formats, which are distinguished by offering some kind of specificity.

On the one hand, we have a one-piece material for PET containers that incorporates a barrier layer to protect against aggressive contents. On the other hand, we have a material for PET containers that incorporates an easy opening system in a half-moon shape. It is called Lift ‘n’ Peel and is one of the most prominent materials in the field of induction sealing. And finally, we can also offer the vented material, a one-piece material for organic products which allows the hermetically sealed organic products not to deform the container due to the gas pressure. In two pieces, we have the usual material that requires a specifically designed closure: the microperforated material. Just like the vented material, this one allows the gases to escape to not to damage the container.