Cap Sealing Products: 10 years of induction sealing

CSP markets induction sealers for any type of product and container to companies across Europe.

On the tenth anniversary of the creation of the company, Cap Sealing Products -CSP- continues its journey in the packaging market, specializing in the field of container closure through the induction sealing system. CSP offers a wide range of induction liners.

Cap Sealing Products has been marketing products in the field of induction sealing for ten years: automatic induction sealers, manual induction sealers, as well as consumables of all types and sizes, for any product and container type.

Ten years offering services to food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe. Working alongside SMEs to improve safety and ensure the quality of their product.

The possibility that CSP has to adapt and customize the type of induction sealing to each customer is one of the keys to the success of the company. This is only possible thanks to the know-how of ten years of experience in this field.

Ten years later, CSP maintains the commercial flexibility with which it was born and offers a wide range of materials for the sealing of any type of container, as well as a wide range of possibilities to customize the product, either through dimension and form or individualized printings on the consumables.

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