Corporate logo on liners, an option for brand advertising

The CSP container induction sealing service allows the logo, discount coupons, promotions, instructions or safety messages to be printed on the liners.

Working on an optimal visual identity of your company is key for the branding strategy to impact potential customers and create a powerful image in the consumer's mind. Although the trend is increasingly digital, traditional printed formats should not be forgotten.

This is where the Cap Sealing Products, S.L. container induction sealing service comes into play, which allows the company logo to be printed on the liner during the sealing process. In this way, when the consumer removes the container closure and focuses his eyes on the liner before definitively opening the product, it becomes a point of strategic communication for the company.

In addition, as induction sealing can be applied to all types of products, companies from various sectors can benefit from this latest brand impression before the consumer tries out the product. Among these, we would particularly like to highlight: automotive, chemicals, beverages, powdered beverages, food, wellness and cosmetic, pharmacy and nutrition products.

Apart from the aforementioned brand incentives, we list some of the ways in which induction sealing in packaging can contribute to spreading messages to the consumer:

  • Discount coupons: imagine you want to retain and reward your customers so that they always consume your products. One way to do this might be to offer an additional discount on the container's liner, so that only people who have already purchased the product could benefit from the discount.
  • Recipes: mainly in the food sector, liners can include recipes or parts of labels with the nutrient content of the product.
  • Quizzes and games
  • Instructions: with a simple icon, the liner can also include information and instructions to remove it from the container.
  • Special promotions
  • Safety messages: in cleaning products that are hazardous to children, liners may contain messages to alert consumers.

Whatever your industry sector is, contact us and we will inform you about all the possibilities we offer to print your logo or additional information on the liner of your product.