Hermetically sealing an organic compound

Do you want to know the induction sealing system that will allow you to prevent the plastic container from deforming?

You will no longer be the classic food company manager that, a few days after hermetically packaging your product, sees the plastic container has deformed.

Gas emission is not a concern when the packaging is not airtight. It is even imperceptible to the packer. However, when using induction sealing -a system that guarantees high packaging safety and complete airtightness-, the packer realizes that its organic product emits gases. The appearance of the containers speaks for itself, being deformed a few hours or days after having carried out the induction sealing of the containers.

Many food companies have looked for an airtight container closure system without the plastic container being deformed to avoid giving a bad image, but they have not been successful.

Cap Sealing Products, S.L. –CSP– offers an induction material that incorporates a ventilation mechanism that allows the gases emitted by some organic contents to be extracted from the inside of the container. This material, called vented, is specially designed for the food industry, specifically for contents that emit gases as a result of their organic compound. This one-piece vented material is composed of a cardboard support and can seal any type of usual plastic container and even some glass containers.