Induction sealing in food industry

CSP has materials for food businesses that use both PET and PP or PE, and even glass containers.

Cap Sealing Products S.L. also provides packaging sealing service in the food industry. For this reason, we have the right materials so that food businesses can benefit from induction sealing.

90% of the materials we work with at Cap Sealing Products S.L. are suitable for food content. In this way, all these materials comply with European health standards for products in contact with food.

Cap Sealing Products, S.L. offers materials for food businesses that use both PET and PP or PE containers. And we also have material suitable for companies packaging their products in glass containers.

Aware that some of these materials have organic components, the company has begun to market materials with a ventilation mechanism. Ventilation of the contents prevents the deformation of containers used by this industry.

The aim of Cap Sealing Products, S.L. is to design induction liners that fit perfectly to the closure mechanism made up by the stopper and mouth of each customer's container in order to enjoy the benefits of induction sealing.

The most outstanding benefits of induction sealing in food products are: tightness, which allows the packer to export the product without risk of leakage; airtightness, which allows the freshness of the product to be maintained; and evidence of non-opening, which offers safety and high-quality guarantees to the consumer.