The process of sealing induction packaging in CSP

We show with a short video from the production of the induction operculums to the placement and sealing of the container with the automatic induction sealer.

In the facilities of CAP SEALING PRODUCTS, S.L. We have the latest machinery in induction technology. We select the best material for the manufacture of quality barriers and work in a fully equipped room called "clean room". We make customized and custom designs.

In order to facilitate its shipment quickly and safely and its subsequent storage, we deliver the covers in a bag and box. The packaging process ends at the customer's premises. In the manufacturing process, the customer uses induction machinery, seals the operculum to the container previously placed under the cap and, once the process is finished, the container is hermetically sealed. In this way, the product is marketed keeping intact the properties of the contents of the package.

CSP is your guarantee partner in induction sealing.