The trend of induction sealing in sports supplements

This strong, flexible and hermetic sealing system guarantees the quality of nutritional supplements, which are usually sold in powder form.

The practice of sport is on the rise and it is common to use nutritional supplements that help better performance. This is one of the many sectors that take advantage of induction sealing for their products.

The vast majority of products sold are powdered and there was no solution that could guarantee a good state of the product after packaging and transport. The induction sealing process allows to close the containers tightly and protect them from:

  • Leaks
  • Oxidation
  • Handling

The result: a safe product and in perfect condition for consumption. Large sports nutrition companies, among other sectors, use the induction sealing system to guarantee their quality.

The induction sealing process is based on a metal disc (normally customized by each company) that seals the neck of the container in a strong, flexible and hermetic way.

Some of the benefits of the Induction Sealing process

  • Prevent leaks: thanks to its tight seal.
  • Longer expiration: this technology prevents oxidation of the product.
  • Evidence manipulations: it can be clearly evidenced if the product has been opened.
  • Improve the image of the brand: metal discs can be customized with messages or logos of the brand.
  • Export further: thanks to its wide protection.

Induction sealing is a method that is increasingly used in all sectors, especially food and beverages, cosmetic products, chemicals ...

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