Liners for PET containers

One of the essential requirements for induction sealing is that the sealing material is suitable for the material of the container to be sealed. Cap Sealing Products S.L. -CSP- offers a wide variety of materials to seal all kinds of containers, whether made of plastic or glass. One of them them is the sealing material for PET containers, the most marketed one.

Cap Sealing Products S.L. provides you with material to seal PET containers in different formats. On the one hand, we offer induction material for PET in different thicknesses. As you know, a prerequisite for induction sealing is that the contact between the mouth of the container and the stopper. Containers differ greatly from each other, each one has its own closure system and, to achieve an optimal closure, each one needs a greater or lesser contact with its stopper. Therefore, we will be guided by the design of the container mouth to choose the material thickness.

The thicknesses can range from 0.16 mm to 0.35 mm, depending on the distance between the stopper and the mouth of the container. The material to seal PET containers is suitable for packaging both food content -including liquid- and other contents: cosmetics, agrochemical products, etc. And, on the other hand, depending on the content, we can offer the material in one or two pieces. The use of the two-piece material must be accompanied by a specific design of the stopper for the opening system to allow the two pieces to be separated at the time of opening the container. One of them will have been sealed in the container mouth, while the other piece will remain in the stopper. Another characteristic of this specific opening system is that the liner leaves evidence of having been removed when it is lifted and, therefore, provides information that gives safety and confidence to the consumer. All other PET materials are characterised by being easily peelable.

We also offer a PET material for aggressive content. This material is exclusive in Spain and can be used to seal containers with food content. At Cap Sealing Products, S.L. we use it to seal containers of olives and salted foods, among others.

Finally, we also have a material to seal PET containers with an upper half-moon tab that facilitates opening. This is the most modern system in induction closure for containers and can be found in sauces, mayonnaises and cosmetics in general.

All these products for PET can have a customised print or profile design, with one or several tabs.