Coronavirus prevention action protocol notice

Our activity continues as usual, but with preventive measures and a protocol of action for the shipment and reception of goods.

Cap Sealing Products develops its productive activity stepping up hygienic measures for workers and introducing preventive measures in our internal and external labour relations.

For this reason, and to avoid contact between people as much as possible, we are applying the following action protocol for the shipment and receipt of goods:

  • As for shipping, once the goods are ready, we leave them in the loading and unloading area with all the necessary documentation on the table.
  • The carrier only has to sign the documentation and load the goods. If they need the forklift truck, we ask them to wait outside the area and one of our operators will load the goods.
  • As for reception, we apply the same system in reverse. We have everything ready, reception stamp included, so that the carrier does not have to get into the office to request it.

Faced with this exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cap Sealing Products steps up safety measures to preserve the health of our employees, customers and suppliers.

We are available at our regular office hours, Monday to Friday from 9 to 14 h and from 16 to 18 h, at 678 743 761 and by e-mail to